Weekly Wedding Tip #2

Weekly Wedding Tip #2

This week's weekly wedding tip: Set a realistic budget and try to stick with it. Prioritize what is most important to you as a couple.

For many couples, the task of balancing wedding budget and priorities is a daunting one.

At the start of the wedding planning process, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to allocating the funds. Where should the money be spent, and what elements of the wedding are essential?

When trying to manage their wedding budget and prioritize the important parts of their big day, think about what is MOST important to you and your partner.

The answer of what is important to you and your soon to be spouse is up to you to decide! Some couples forgo the traditional tiered cake and opt for a less expensive sheet cake instead (they will still make you one to cut the top layer, and the bottom two layers will be decorated styrofoam!) which they cut in the back room and your guests will never know the difference.

Be realistic about what you are willing to spend, and look for value over quantity.

Stay tuned for more Weekly Wedding Tips! :)
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